Ready. Set. WRITE!

Thank you to the hosts of this summer writing intensive: Jaime Morrow, Alison Miller, Katy Upperman, and Erin Funk. You can head on RSWCoffeeover to any one of those blogs to find out more and to participate. Every Monday, you can go to any one of those blogs and post a link to your check-in post. Here is my update for the week:

How I did on last week’s goals:


*hangs head and shuffles away*

I live to fight another day. After tomorrow, a couple things will clear up and I hope to get back on track!

I hope you all had a fantastic week and that the upcoming week is even better (for all of us).

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4 Responses to Ready. Set. WRITE!

  1. Hope you get back on track! Have a great week!

  2. That’s about how I did, too! Here’s hoping we both do better this week 🙂

  3. Alison Miller says:

    It’s okay to have a bad week. Trust me. Last summer I had a few of them, one so bad I didn’t even post. And I’m a host. It happens! I hope you get back in the writing groove soon!

  4. I’ve also accomplished nothing all week. Oh well.

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