Hi friends! I’m just popping in quickly to let you know about an opportunity to download a PDF of my novella EVIL’S APPRENTICE for free! Subscribe to my newsletter at this link and you’ll get the free PDF in your inbox right away. Then you’ll get an update from me no more than once a month with upcoming publication dates, things I’m working on and other giveaways. I promise to never spam you and to never give your e-mail away!

Here is the description for the novella:

Evil’s Apprentice is a dark paranormal novella in The Witch of Highland Falls series.

Edmund is a teen on the run from himself, the frightening powers that burst out of him uncontrollably and his own destructive past. If only he could lay low and not draw any attention to himself for, say, the rest of his life, he should be fine.

But it’s too late for that.

He has drawn the attention of a frighteningly powerful man who takes Edmund under his wing. Or into his lair? He does teach Edmund to control and use his powers but at a cost that Edmund never anticipated. This is how life is for him now. He must learn to live with it.

Then he meets Margaret and has a reason to live for something else. But she’s hiding a dark secret of her own.

Evil’s Apprentice is a shadowy story of beginnings and endings, hope and despair, love and loss.

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