The Witch of Maple Tree Campground is available for pre-order!


I’m so excited to share with you that The Witch of Maple Tree Campground will publish on June 28 and is available for pre-order now! If you want to pre-order from Amazon, select this link. To pre-order on other digital formats like Nook, Kobo, etc. select this link.

I can’t wait to see what you think of Book 2. Tig and Alec are back but there are some new characters that I’ve grown very fond of, too!

Here’s the description:

Their biggest threat has been eliminated.
Tig and Alec are out of danger…
Until danger follows them home.

When Tig seeks out others with powers, she has the best intentions. Now Maple Tree Campground—and the group of misfits living there—has a big target on it. Since Tig wouldn’t listen to Alec’s gut instincts in the first place, he feels he must take drastic actions to keep his dark premonitions from coming true.

Can Tig save them all and put the ghosts of her past to rest? Or will Alec’s secret destroy everything she’s worked to protect?

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