The Witch of New York City now available!

Hello for the first time in… too long! I have the best intentions to pay more attention to the blog in 2020 but you know what they say about good intentions! 😉

My plan for The Witch of New York City, Book 3 in the Witch of Highland Falls Series, went a little off the rails this summer when I ended up starting a new day job after 18 years at the old one. Change is hard! But ultimately good. So I got a little behind on editing and the final polishing of Book 3 but I’m excited to announce that it is out there in the world and ready to be read! You can find the book at this link, available for either purchase or read for free if you have Kindle Unlimited.

Here is the cover and description of the book:


Tig simply wanted to help other people with powers. How did it go so wrong?

The race to rescue a kidnapped friend has led Tig, Joseph and the rest of their powerful friends to New York City. But this city belongs to Alastair – the sadistic madman who’s spent most of his life in unrelenting pursuit of ascension. Alastair’s equally powerful disciples are ready and waiting for them.

They must rescue their friend before his mind is lost to insanity and before another dear friend tries to take his place. How many more people will Tig and Joseph lose? Will they lose each other?

The Witch of New York City is the exciting finale in The Witch of Highland Falls trilogy. Fans of Amanda Hocking, Julie Kagawa and Kiersten White will love this series that combines their best qualities such as characters to fall in love with, paranormal action, and romance.

I’m so excited to share the finale of this series with you all! I’m already in the planning stage for my next series, which I’m planning to be five books. More to come on that!

I hope you’re having a great weekend and

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